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Well some updates, as today i sat down (made some custom made midi cables as i coundn't find the ones i wanted premade) and did some tests and some nice midi presets! 🙂

For my first question, i got it right, is just like i thought.

For the second question, which is something that i read here is a common topic on the erradic behaviour of whether a fx presets starts as active or bypassed, something that i also enqcountered too, in all there pedals, some patches when recalled by midi started active where others started bypassed.

The solution is quite simple, if the pedal is active when the fx preset is stored to the pedal then midi will recall it active, on the other hand if the preset is saved with the fx bypassed on the pedal, then when is recalled in bypass mode by midi. At least both space and timefactor which made the tests behave this way. All pedals with latest firmware.

The only question that remains unanswered is how to set the min max values on the cc bypass message to synchronize it to the controllers active switch led. But is just a minor annoyance.