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      Hello Everybody!!

      After receiving my third "factor" box a few days ago, the Space, i thought i should experiment with midi controlling as also my JVM is midi enabled. As a controller i thoughout i could use for my initial testing a pod xt live which covers most of my needs as it can send both program changes on the low row swithches and a stompbox mode with cc messages on the upper row.

      My goal is to create 4 presets, one clean, one rhythm, one lead and a special one (probably a evh style with flangers etc).

      So today after work (and after spending about 2 hours of search :P) i managed to find a midi cable to make some tests.

      I connected my jvm with pod via midi and in no time had it programmed, it was way easier than I expected. Then I used tha same cable to modfactor to test it and quickly I managed to program preset changes and using an upper row switch to active and bypass the fx. Pretty much all that i needed.

      But i have some questions as i could not find the answers in either manuals.

      1) I am correct to assume (i don't have a second midi cable to test it at the moment) that to change presets on all factors at once (for example all three to go to 1:1) have to set the desired preset of each pedal to the same program change midi number that corresponds with the midi controller's switch (for example #88)?

      2) In my tests with modfactor then i changed presets, the selected sound was always active, is there a way to state the desired initial default response of the pedal? for example, in my "clean" preset, when selected, i want to have modfactor preset 1:2 active, the timefactor 1:1 preset bypassed and space preset 13 active and then if I want some delay to use the dedicated switch in the upper row of pod to activate it. Is there a way to achieve that?

      3) And a last question, the upper row of pod switches have a led when active, I have set to activate/bypass the pedal with the corresponding switch cc message in RCV CTL – BYP and works fine in activating/bypassing the fx preset but with a slight annoyance as it works opposite of the led… when controller's led is active… pedal is bypassed… and the opposite. The pod manual states that the switch has a 0 – 127 min max state like this 0~63=Off ; 64~127=On but on the modfactor the BYP command does not provide min and max values that I can see so to set them accordingly.

      Thank you in advance for your answers!


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      Well some updates, as today i sat down (made some custom made midi cables as i coundn't find the ones i wanted premade) and did some tests and some nice midi presets! 🙂

      For my first question, i got it right, is just like i thought.

      For the second question, which is something that i read here is a common topic on the erradic behaviour of whether a fx presets starts as active or bypassed, something that i also enqcountered too, in all there pedals, some patches when recalled by midi started active where others started bypassed.

      The solution is quite simple, if the pedal is active when the fx preset is stored to the pedal then midi will recall it active, on the other hand if the preset is saved with the fx bypassed on the pedal, then when is recalled in bypass mode by midi. At least both space and timefactor which made the tests behave this way. All pedals with latest firmware.

      The only question that remains unanswered is how to set the min max values on the cc bypass message to synchronize it to the controllers active switch led. But is just a minor annoyance.


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      There is a CC message you can send to Toggle on-off state. So if it's bypass it will toggle it on and visa versa. it has it's on parameter in the Midi menu of the pedals.

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      Thank you for your answer!!

      So there is another cc option other the Bypass (BYP) on the pedal to set active / bypassed state? And has option to set min and max values? I haven't seen it but it will be perfect. I will report back after testing!!

      Thank you again!!


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      Success!! Big Smile

      I haven't noticed that apart from the bypass cc command, there also the active one which was just the one needed!!

      So now the controller leds correspond with the pedal state and my guitar rig is fully midi enabled!! Big Smile

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      I'm  glad! I know how little things like that can drive me nutz too! Smile

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      Big Smile

      Yeah, some details can make you search for hours… until someone points to you that… it was right there… Stick out tongue

      Now i'm looking for a nice pedalboard/case and a proper midi controller to finalize my rig for now! Smile

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