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 I saw something recently that (I think) said that "if you buy an H9, for every Factor/space pedal you have registered, you will receive two free algorithms."  Did I imagine that, or is that a real thing?

That is a real thing.  We mentioned it our last newsletter.  That will be available when we release the updates to the Factor pedals that will allow them to work with H9 Control (in March).  After you update the OS of a Factor pedal that allows you to connect it to H9 Control, the app will recognize the pedal and let you use the coupons connected to it to buy algorithms for an H9.


And: can I send MIDI program change & control data to the H9 using only the USB input?  Or do I have to use the MIDI i/o to change programs etc.?

Hm. I'll have to double check that and get back to you…