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Eventide Staff

Hi Zazula,

I'll have to check #1 above with regards to the dry signal, as that probably shouldn't be the case.  However, for ModEchoVerb, and the one's you've listed under #2, this is the intent of the product.  Many times, especially in reverbs, but in many other effects as well, to create a convincing or desirable stereo effect you do blend the channels, or create crossfeed across different channels.  This is why a 5.1 surround reverb is not the same as 6 mono reverbs.  This is also why we added specific Dual Mono effects like Dual Verb to the Space, in case people did want to use this configuration.  I suppose we could update the documentation to call out if each effect is useable in a dual mono mode, or if it's stereo only.

I know this probably wasn't the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.