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It sounds like the mesa has a parallel loop and the amps you've used in the past had a serial loop. You're having phase issues due to the dry analog signal  running parallel to the AD converted signal and the latency the conversion introduces. Try turning kill dry on.

The problem you will run into with kill dry is you will not be able to run serial  out the Timefacor into the Space because it will feed the effected signal only. Your options are:

1. If the amp has a switch to toggle between serial and parallel set it to serial or use a serial loop if available.

2. Use a splitter and a mini mixer with both Eventide units in killdry; split the signal out of the parallel effect send (a y-cable will work) to the Timefactor and Space, then out the pedals to a mini mixer (like RJM) then back to the parallel return.

Hope that helps.