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Are all the missing algorithms in the Core already covered by the Factors?

Well, the H9 Standard has two ModFactor algorithms — Chorus and TremoloPan — and UltraTap, but you already have the other algorithms in the Standard in your other Factor pedals.  You do get a coupon with the Core, and you will get coupons for your Factor pedals that you can use to buy H9 algorithms.  So, if you really wanted those three aforementioned algorithms, you do have coupons.


is there any physical difference between the 2?

No, there is no physical difference between the two.


Can all the H9 algos/presets be purchased for the Core and what would that cost?

Yes, all of the algorithms can be purchased for either the Core or the Standard.  Purchasing works exactly the same for both.  Algorithms run at $20 each, but we have started doing monthly specials.  Rotary for example is on sale this month for $10.