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I don't know whether you have the HarPeggiator algorithm in your H9, but that's what I use in the Pitchfactor as a more configurable tremolo / slicer.  Here's a preset that I posted a few times in the past.  I modified it slightly to showcase a wider range of rates into amplitude modulation territory.  It only uses the Rhythm sequencer features; no Pitch Shift or Effects sections.


Mix = WET:100

Pitch Mix = A10+B10

Pitch A = ArpA: OFF

Pitch B = ArpB: OFF

Delay A = GrvA: A06

Delay B = GrvB: B06

(encoder) = PEGGIATR / TMP OFF

Depth / Key = ATK:  5

Speed / Scale = LN: 150 ms.

Xnob = FXA: OFF

Ynob = FXB: OFF


The Depth / Key default is a good starting point.  It's a moderate value where the 'reverse sawtooth' envelope really becomes more distinctive.  Towards 0 softens the attack; -1 to -10 gives it a 'Slow Gear' attack delay.  A setting of 10 sharpens the attack to 1/10th of the current 'step' value [15 ms. here with a 150 ms. length].

Speed / Scale is set to a medium-fast rate value.  500 ms. is as slow as you're going to get.  Upping the speed from about 75 ms. to the 10 ms. limit is where you'll find the ring modulator-like effects.  With the Tempo=OFF, you get a wider range of rate values without having to adjust MIDI Clock to the extremes.

These two parameters work in conjunction with each other, when a pattern has been selected in Delay A and/or Delay B.  That is, Grv A or Grv B must be set to anything except OFF.

Depth / Key shapes the envelope of the length value set in Speed / Scale.  In other terms, it's a configurable LFO.  Both parameters are great targets for an expression pedal, or MIDI control.  Cycling through the Delay A and Delay B patterns also changes the entire character of the effect.