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Are you aware of the Copy, Paste, Swap, Insert, and Delete functions under the More menu in the preset list grid screen? You mentioned there no being a delete, but there is one there along with other functions that make reorganizing presets easier. 


3.  Why not have drag-to-reorder?  Dragging a preset around in the list could reorder presets in much the same way that Apps can be rearranged on the screens of an iPad. (Or, if you prefer a list view, then in the same way that favourite phone numbers can be rearranged).

We might add a drag to reorder as well at some point. We added the copy, paste, and swap functions first because that sort of interaction model works well on all devices including phones. Drag to reorder will be a bit clumsy on phones with the small screen particularly if you're trying to drag say preset 5 to position 25 which is several pages over.


4.  Similarly, why not allow presets to be dragged from the left-hand list of available presets into the Preset List.  (And if you want to be smart, dragging it on top of an existing preset could replace the old entry, whilst dragging it between two existing presets could do an insert).

That functionality is there under the "Edit List" button on iPads and desktop versions of the app.