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I have to agree with cormallen, the UI of the H9 Control App isn't very user friendly. I'm using the windows version with two 27" monitors and I only can see 9 of my 50 presets at a time. Why can't I change the view mode to a list or eaven resize the window to full screen to see a bigger grid?

Why can I only change pages with the mouse wheel when I put the mouse on the scrollbar on the bottom? (on all windows programs it's on the right side and I can do a mouse wheel scroll without putting the mouse on it!) Have you sit on table and collected ideas how you could irritate the user most?

Same user interface for pc, tablet and phone didn't work for windows 8, why should it work for your control app?

Have you heard of drag and drop? The workflow for moving presets in the preset list or from one to a other preset list is very time consuming. Comparing two preset lists is impossible or can I run more than one instance of H9 on windows?

Windows user have a right mouse button, why didn't you put the "More" menue there? I know, not irritating enoug!

Check other iOS Apps, Springpad for excample, how to manage, move lists!

Doesn't the old Factor Lib Program work with the latest firmware? It can't find the ModFactor.