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 I updated my PF,MF, and space to v5 and received no coupons

I just looked up your account, and yeah, you do have six coupons tied to your three devices. If you connect any of those devices to H9 Control and click on the Store button in H9 Control, it should tell you how many coupons are available, although it will only tell you about and let you use the coupons for connected devices (as a protection against someone else from trying to use your coupons).


A while back I had requested a change to the tempo/speed resolution for the tremolo/pan algorithm for modfactor. Is it posssible to do it the same way as the flanger, 1/16 to 4 bars as opposed to 1/16 to 1/4. For traditional tremolo this is not a big deal. but for panning, the slower midi sync'd  settings would be quite usefull for special fx's. Look forward to your reply.

I marked it on the wish list and forwarded it the request on to one of our DSP guys. Let's see what they say…