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1.  Is there a way to view a current setting for a preset?  For example, if I'm on the Classic Slapback and I wan to view the delay setting for that, if I turn the knob it jumps to where the knob is located.  Is there a way I can view what the current setting is for any given knob?

Well, you can put your pedal in Catch-Up mode and then turning the knob won't have any effect until you turn the knob to match the parameter's current value.


2. I'm noticing a pop and delay when I switch banks, then engage a preset.  For example, say I'm on Bank 2, Preset 2.  I switch to Bank 1, then I tap the Bank 1 button, there is a delay and pop.  I'm finding that before a song, I have to switch banks and quick tap on and off preset 1 so it doesn't do that.  This is pretty noticable using one of the phaser presets.

What software is running on your TimeFactor?  If you tell us the names of two factory presets where you're hearing this, we'll have to make sure we don't hear anything similar in the new TImeFactor release we're working on.