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So, my question is……is it possible to control both H9s in a similar way using Bluetooth? I know I can control the preset selection on each individual H9 using the control app, but is it possible to control both simultaneously? 

I just checked out what happens if you turn on PGM.XMT on an H9 and click on the various presets in of the H9 in the preset list screen. I was hoping that as I loaded a preset in the preset list screen it would send out a program change message and you could use this to load presets on your second H9, but it's not doing this. I'll have to talk to my colleague, Nick, about this. It could be something we could easily add or it could be a harder problem to get the H9 to communicate via Bluetooth and service the MIDI port simultaneously.

We have talked about adding a screen called Combinations which would let you assign multiple presets to multiple devices in one go, and I think this will happen. But it probably won't happen for another six months or so given the other things that are higher in the priority list in the moment.