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To everyone having MIDI pedal lag problems:

Wouldn't it be helpful to hook up a MIDI Monitor application? Then you can see what any given pedal is transmitting, for diagnostic purposes.  Many of them feature a MIDI Thru setting.  Insert a laptop or desktop computer between the MIDI pedal and the Eventide stompbox, and launch the MIDI Monitor application.

You can Google 'MIDI Monitor' for something that will fit your O/S and computer setup.  I've used MIDI-Ox (an old app), Bome's SendSX, and TenCrazy's MFX PortDiag (within Sonar), among other Windows applications.  I'm sure there are MIDI Monitors that launch within other common DAW applications.

Even if you don't 'read' hexidecimal, or know exactly what the MIDI messages are, you'll still be able to see any large volume of messages, or possible pedal 'jitter'.  You could copy / paste the the results into a forum post, and someone here would be able to translate.

You may just discover something new about your MIDI pedal.  For example, my FCB-1010 transmits 4 program changes (if configured that way), then a MIDI CC message, followed by the fifth PC message.  That can be used to configure Bank Changes before a Program Change (an undocumented feature).  It's always nice to know exactly what your pedal is sending, or check the configuration with visual feedback.

As for the MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller:  They make great products for unique situations.  I have several, but never had the need for the Pedal Controller.  But a line from their product description always intrigued me:

The Pedal Controller accurately tracks the position of the pedal or potentiometer connected to it. Small fluctuations are eliminated when the pedal is in a stationary position and no extraneous messages are sent out. When the pedal is moved slightly, the Pedal Controller will send an update even if its position has only changed by a single value. Many control wheels or knobs only update themselves every two or every four values, resulting in coarser control, and sometimes zipper noise.