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Thank you so much Brock. I wasn't particularly adamant on demanding that anyone else would proble as deep into this! It wasn't necessary, Brock. Thank you anyway. It shows, that at least some of the older effects and algos did indeed had something unique to them, that seems difficult to duplicate today. Which – probably – means that you have to create an all new algo for it to work just as well.

I have owned both SE-50, SE-70, VF-1. The SE-70 was the one to keep, since I've dodged the overdrive/distortion algos of all these units long ago anyway. They're great studio multifx, for keyboard, and even bass fx. Much of their – diss, flak, so to speak – came from their unwieldy and messy GUI, which steps through all parameters one at a time. Which – actually – H9 has too, if not used through a iMac/PC program interface.

The thing I wanted to point out, is that even if the algo was the same on SE-70 as on the VF-1, and settings were exactly the same, it didn't sound even remotely the same. It must be the same for SE-50. I remember though, that SE-50 sounded somewhat closer to SE-70 step phaser, than VF-1 did.

AND the conclusion, and overview morale of this is: While you might wish for this and that fx to be produced inside H9, chances/risks are that it wont turn out – even remotely – the way you've imagined. Like the distortion 2 of Eclipse wishes, the slicer wishes, or anything else. The only thing that might turn out right, is the looper thing, which is basically just a digital recorder with features.

BTW, I think it isn't necessary to create a whole other topic on this, a PM would be alright. But thanks a lot anyway.