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I've got mine set to 4 banks, actually. Thanks much for the heads up but I knew how to do this already. 😉  My reference to fewer presets in my OP was to the original presets when I got it because I much prefer those "few" usable presets to the many unusable, for me at least, in the updated version. Hope I'm making sense, bro. And I do not have an expression pedal plugged into my unit but I will on my new board rig so thanks for your input on that. After looking around I think I'm going with the Voodoo Lab digital power supply. It's $100 cheaper than the EVENTIDE power supply & will supply 4 EVENTIDE pedals. I'm wondering if my unit just "sees" something odd with power from time to time & the wacko behavior is simply the result? I wish I'd had the presence of mind to grab my cell phone & shoot a video….