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I have a decent understanding of my 2 H-9's 

I would like a lot more control over them.

First Step: Pick a MIDI Channel for each H9.  Think of it as a no-passing lane of highway.  It can be any channel between 1-16, as long as it doesn't conflict with any other MIDI device in your system. Are you using the H9 Control app?  You can set a MIDI Channel there, or in the H9 itself under system settings.  [Fire back if you need help with this.]

That's also the MIDI Channel that you'll be transmitting from the FCB-1010.  The pedalboard sends a MIDI message out (over the selected MIDI Channel), and the H9 picks it up over the same channel & reacts.  You can set this in the FCB-1010 itself (if you can get past that manual, or check here), or with a free app here.

The H9 OUTPUT needs to be set to THRU (you don't want it to XMT; you want it to receive messages).  Fire back if you need help with this.

… such as being able to instantly recall more presets …

The FCB-1010 can transmit up to 5 Program (preset) changes per switch.  You'll probably want to start out with just one preset change over one MIDI Channel to get started.  The FCB-1010 program change range is 1-128.  The H9 goes 1-99 (the upper 29 FCB-1010 positions won't affect the H9).

… I want to do patch change, assign a particular patch to each of the buttons on the controller …

It's easier in the FCB-1010 Editor, but not a bad idea to learn the "manual" way in each device.  To start, make sure that each of the 10 switches is set to the same MIDI Channel (say, channel 9),  each switch only transmits 1 program change (of 5), and each program change is set up incrementally (for example, 1 through 10).  IIRC, the Editor app defaults like this, and you only have to change the MIDI Channel.

IF I had more than one bank, even better.  I want to control the mix, do tap tempo, and do speed for modulation

Just one type of example, but I have "banks" set up to the same preset, with each of the 10 switches changes the scale and harmony of Diatonic / QuadraVox algo.  Do you want mix, and modulation speed to "snap" between two settings, or to be continuously variable?  The first would use CC messages on the switches; the second would take advantage of the two (MIDI) expression pedals.  There are a huge number of ways to configure this pedalboard, but you have to get basic transmit/receive working first.

The general idea is to set up a "highway lane" for each H9.  Then send each kind of "vehicle" that you want (CC messages; program change messages) down that same highway lane.  If you can get the the FCB-1010 and H9(s) talking to each other first, it will be a whole lot easier to branch off into modulation, tap tempo, and deeper control later on.  Try changing presets first, and feel free to ask any questions if/when you get stuck.

… I see people using this Behringer (choke) foot controller … It's the only Behringer device I've ever owned, and it's killer for the price.  Built like a tank (almost as big as a tank, too), very versatile, and a good match for deep control over ET stompboxes.  One question for you:  is it a "stock" FCB-1010, or a modded FCB-1010 with the uNo chip?  Doesn't matter (I have a stock model), but it does change how things are done in an FCB-1010.

In the meantime, I'll hunt down some of the FCB-1010 replies that I've posted here for some of the more advanced control options over 'Factor pedals.  (You can do almost anything you can dream up over MIDI to an Eventide box.)