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can I connect my h9 to my airpadm WITHOUT problems or I better wait to come back to italy where I got my macpro?

Yes, it should be safe to connect your iPad Air to your H9. It won't change anything on your H9 without your telling it to. 


is there any user/password I can put into h9 app in my ipad to recogniza me and all my setlist?

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by this, but I think you're asking whether there's a way to sync all of the set lists that you created on your MacBook to your new iPad Air. No, not automatically. You could export all of these lists from your MacBook and import them into your iPad Air, but there's not currently a function for syncing your data automatically. This is something we've talked about adding though as a feature and would like to do so in the future.