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Interesting thoughts.  I almost went the Harmonyman route for that added feature (along with the sidechain input).  But I decided that the PitchFactor was more versatile as a MIDI-capable multi-FX box.  Of course, I have no idea about any future ET plans, or the R&D involved in that feature request.  I get the impression that the internal resources of the PitchFactor are about maxed out.

I do something along those lines with MIDI CCs from an external pedalboard.  It's not automatically triggered by pitch detection, but it's interactive enough for live playing and improvisation.  Here's a post that describes the process over Depth/Key and Speed/Scale.  You can map Pitch A & B intervals to footswitches in a similar way.

I don't know what you're using for MIDI input.  In one type of configuration, my FCB-1010 can send two static CC messages per footswitch.  I map pairs of the most useful harmony intervals to the 10 footswitches in a logical array, and call that up as a single bank (usually covering one or two presets, at most).  Then it's a matter of latching the interval pairs as I play.

If you're interested, I'm sure that I have the Diatonic intervals documented by the exact CC value range.  The Quadravox interval map is nearly identical to Diatonic – for Voices A, B, C, and D – with a small range carved out for the OFF position.  At one point, I mapped out CC ranges for most of the algorithms and parameter positions.  Each one has a different range; some with 128 distinct positions. 10 algos X 10 parameters X variable ranges of parameter control (and then some).