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I have wondering about the EHX 8 step for awhile now.  Then that got me to thinking… "is there anything elese out there that would work…like a 16 step?"

Anyone try the Arturia Beat Step?  It has a 16 step sequencer and I think it has CV output but I'm not sure if it is a USB connection.

I missed this post.  I'm not familiar with the Arturia, but I've tried or researched many sequencers.  Most modern ones are geared toward note output.  There's a way to convert that to MIDI CC (more hardware).  Some will output MIDI CC, but are very expensive.

Those with CV output … well, you have to be careful with the DC range.  You probably won't "hurt" your stompbox, but you'll lose range and resolution with higher CV ranges.  Eventides like 0-3 VDC.  Again, there are a few ways around that, but it gets more complicated (more hardware or DIY).

I've used DAW sequencers, but then you need to lug around a laptop.  I really like the 32-step sequencer in my AKAI MAX49.  Great at home; won't quite fit the pedalboard.  But there are a couple of ways to make the EHX 8 Step behave like a sequencer with more than 8 steps.  I use MIDI for this, but you can do much of the same using the 8 Step Program Foot Controller.

Over MIDI, you can use Program Change 0-99 to load one of 100 presets.  You can also use MIDI CC118 to Load Preset, with a value of 0-99 specifying the preset number.  With the Footswitch Controller, you can step up or down through the preset numbers.

The key EHX 8 Step feature here is Preset Cue.  Whatever method you use, it "waits" for the current preset to run through its eight steps, then instantly runs through the next preset's eight steps.  Seamlessly.  So, you can tap the Up switch, then tap the Down switch alternately (for example).  Preset 1 (8 steps) + Preset 2 (8 steps) = 16 step sequencing.  Four presets can form 32-step sequencing.  Switch timing isn't too critical, because Preset Cue pre-loads the next sequence.

For that matter, you can virtually change each slider position over MIDI.  Effectively, you're "loading" another preset by changing the sliders dynamically.  The same goes for Rate, Glide setting, Direction … See what I mean?  A crazy amount of control and configuration.