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This is your 2nd unanswered thread on this issue, so I'll try to help out.  It's probably a simple routing or setting adjustment.  But you'll need to give a little more detail on how your system is set up.

Do you have Global Tempo set to On (in the system / General Settings)?


What are you using as a source of MIDI tempo (5-pin MIDI DIN plug or USB)?


Is MIDI Clock In set to Yes / On (in the system / MIDI Settings)?


Are you using the H9 Control app, or the H9 itself, to change Tempo=On?


When you press the Tap button for more than 2 seconds (with Tempo On), do you see a BPM value?  Can you change that displayed value with the HotKnob?

There are 2 conditions where I've seen the HarPeggiator "freeze" like that: One was under H9 Control – hooked through a USB cable – at the same time that a MIDI cable was hooked up to MIDI In.  And that was using a PitchFactor (not the H9).  Second, I've seen the PF jump to 500 BPM for no apparent reason.  The rates are so fast that it seems like a tempo freeze (in reality, a tempo blur).

As for the "mild scratchiness", the HarPeggiator does have some rough edges; especially with multiple input notes & less-than-perfect playing technique.  There's a lot going on in that algorithm.  I try to keep it as simple as possible for the job at hand.  Or embrace it for the quirks and glitchy behavior.