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When using the LOOP function of playback mode the manual says that the recorded loop should enter stop mode when the recording is done. But instead of stopping the loop enters play mode just like in AUTOPLAY. So now there is no difference between LOOP and AUTOPLAY. I think it is a bug (?)

I'm not able to reproduce this behavior.  To clarify it should only Stop when Max-Length is reached if PLAYMODE is set to LOOP.  If you use the Left Footswitch to stop the Recording, the Loop will always Play.  It's possible you got out of sync with H9 Control.  To be sure try to change the PLAYMODE parameter directly on the H9.  


Also the manual says P: LOOP and AP:LOOP which can be misleading while the playback 'button' in the H9 control displays AUTOPLAY. Better for the manual would be AP:AUTOPLAY I think. (this is a minor thing though).

We needed a way to communicate that they both Loop as opposed to playing once.  The AP stands for Auto Play.  


One more thing. Not sure if this is bug though: When using the right footswitch of the hardware while in PLAY mode it displays STOP right away and you can empty the loop by hitting that switch twice after STOP Is displayed. But when you hit that footswitch while you are in DUB mode it first displays 1X and then after a few seconds it displays STOP. So it takes more time before you can empty the loop. Why is this? and shouldn't the right footswitch do the same while in PLAY or DUB mode?

The 1X is sometimes displayed if there was a Speed change, it might be a cosmetic issue, the Looper is still in the STOP state.  For some reason or another the Speed control display is taking precedent over the Loop State Display.  However, it doesn't slow down the actual Empty, just double tap after it says 1X, you'll find that it will just read EMPTY after the 1X goes away.  I'll check out the cosmetic issue though.