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Thanks for your reply, I have used midi clock in from a loop station previously so I think you have identified the problem, i'll try it tonight.

I am confused as to why the reset to factory settings didn't fix it in that case though? I actually re-installed a new version of the H9 control app and updated the pedal firmware. Then I read the 'tap tempo' section in the manual, it does not mention anything about not working when midi clock is set, so this ruined my jam session yesterday as I was unable to resolve the problem and had to abandon using clocked delay algorithms.

Also I tried removing the midi cable from the H9 so it wasn't receiving the clock signal but it still wouldn't let me tap. If there is no midi clock signal present then surely the H9 should allow you to tap your own tempo?This seems like a bug to me..

It would mean when I want to go from using loop station tempo clock to tapping tempo during a performance I have to go into the software settings which is completely inpractical.. I think removing the midi clock cable should release the pedal tap tempo feature, is there any reason why it should not work like that in a future update?

Thanks for your input