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Thanks for the depth of detail in your response.  All of that comes in handy with drilling down into the deeper aspects.  I tend to push my gear to the limits to squeeze out unusual but useful techniques.

I suppose the best thing you could do for Record to Play transitions is actually transition from Record to Dub instead.  Then turn off Dubbing after fading your input signal down.

Appreciated; that works well.  Double-click Record in H9 Control; triple-tap LFSW on the pedal … No doubt this will become more easily accessible & intuitive as I put the finishing touches my MIDI pedal Looper template.  You guys did a great job with this algorithm.  The amount of effort put into it shows (special thanks for the rock-solid sync).

The clicks on multiple play-retriggers sounds like a bug to me, nothing is supposed to click or pop with the Looper….. we wanted it to be as smooth as possible.

Well, if no one else is reporting this behavior, it could very well be system-specific (admittedly, a complex routing here).  I first noticed it with the continuous audio seamless looping.  It's harder to determine when Loop Start begins with a guitar note's typical envelope (pick attack).  I'll experiment some more with keyboard sources, different loop types, and repeated Play retriggers to see if there's a real recipe.