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Well, there's a few things I can say about this offhand. One, we're redoing our website, and part of the stumbling block to giving people a better idea of what we're doing has been our current site. We've talked about turning the ideas that have come up on the H9 wish list into a poll for example where people could up vote things; that will be possible with the upcoming new site. We've also been relatively open recently about what we've been working on, but there's not been a good place to find that information other than digging through hundreds of forum posts. People have known we've been working on the Looper and when people have asked for individual features and we decided to put them in the Looper release we've told them we were doing so. But again these were all things that came up in response to individual forum posts.

I'll bring up your post at our next meeting, and see what people feel about the idea of talking about what's in the algorithm pipeline. Isn't it kind of nice being surprised though? 😉