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I went back to firmware H9_4.8.0 to be able to remote control my H9 this way, unable to run the Looper though… I hope this can be fixed easily?

That first message you mentioned where you're activating preset 1: that's a program change message or that's a MIDI CC message that's toggling the active / bypass state?

I've compared the latest release to 4.8.0[1], and the MIDI behavior did change.  4.8.0[1] handled correctly being sent a program change and two CC messages whereas 5.0.1[3] doesn't. This is a tricky case though b/c a fair amount happens when a preset is loaded. We'll look into it though…

Another option would be saving all of these settings as a preset and just load the preset.  Is there a particular reason why you don't want to do things that way?

By the way as I mentioned in this other thread we've started working on allowing H9 Control to create a virtual MIDI port that you can use to route data from forScore to your H9 with. (http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/p/9494/44912.aspx#44912)  I bought forScore to try that feature out with and so far so good.  I was impressed by how well designed forScore is.