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Figured it out …

I contacted the Support team and they tried to duplicate the "Problem" without success, so I got focused and really went through my set up "By The Numbers" by taking note of every little thing.

To make a long story short, and get to the point, the Harpeggiator needs my drum machine (Akai XR20) to be in the "Play" mode in order to run freely. My take on this is that the Harpeggiator Algorithm must need to receive a MIDI Start signal (or something like that) in order to initiate the sequences of the algorithm … which makes sense if you want to properly align what is happening in the algorithm to what is happening musically.

When not in the play mode, the H9 can receive the Tempo info but the Harpeggiator stays "stuck" until it receives the Start (Song Start I think) via the drum machine.

I hope this helps, It was a revelation to me when I discovered it. The algorithm works just fine!!! Give it a shot and then, Rock On!!!