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I just picked up a LF+ Mini and am having the same problems with Pitchflex. I've tried using the Zipper parameter as well to no avail. Other devices aren't having the same issue with quick changes between heel and toe. That said, I'm only 5 days into my LF programming, so I may need to try out a couple of other methods. I don't have the same issue when using a midi app slider though. Strange. I'll try to post more once I've done some more experimentation. 


Have you reported the issue
to Jeff at FAMC? Are you using an H9? Jeff was looking at this for me but was
having trouble recreating the issue because he has an H9 to test with where I
was using a Pitchfactor. He requested the exact steps to re-create the problem
with an H9. If you could provide that to him, I'm sure he’ll look into it again.
He’s literally released firmware updates to fix bugs the same day I’ve reported
them in the past.