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So, is this true, and can the PC control two units or just one?!?!?

As Nick mentioned above, Bluetooth is supported now on Windows, and yes, you can connect that way to two devices. Almost no Windows computers seem to come with built in Bluetooth support nowadays, and unfortunately, some of our users have had a hard time getting Bluetooth connected between their machines and the H9.  We ordered a handful of Bluetooth USB dongles off of Amazon ourselves and tested them out and posted the results to the following FAQ item on the H9 support page.


What Bluetooth USB dongle should I buy to let my Windows computer connect to my H9 via Bluetooth?

The H9 communicates using the 2.1 version of the Bluetooth protocol, and theoretically, any Bluetooth chip supporting Bluetooth 2.1 should work. In particular we have tested and had success using the StarTech USBBT1EDR2 Mini USB Bluetooth 2.1 Adapter, which can be ordered off of Amazon here.

We would dissuade customers however from buying a Bluetooth adapter using the Broadcom chipset, which is used in the BestBuy Bluetooth dongle products from Rocketfish and Insignia and the Inateck® USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter USB Wireless Bluetooth Dongle among other products. Many Windows machines do not automatically recognize USB Bluetooth dongles using this chipset, and no one at Eventide have ever been able to get the Broadcom driver to install correctly.