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As you've said, there are a lot of ways to go about this.  "Convincingly" being in the ear of the beholder.  But you asked for opinions.  I rarely go to any of the Chorus algorithms variations for any help here.  Much of the results will depend on the rest of your system and pedalboard.  From my POV, a stereo rig is a must.

That said, I prefer to use the pitch shifting route to fake a doubled guitar.  PitchFactor's  MicroPitch algorithm has some great starting points for preset junkies.  I like to adjust downward to tiny pitch shifts:  +/- 1-5 cents.  Certainly no more than 10 cents, unless it's for special effect.  I like to have slightly different pitch offset amounts in each shifter, and add a few millisecond delay (no feedback) in each.

You can do much the same thing in the H910/H949 algorithm, in either Normal or Micro Pitch Control mode.  You lose the added Modulation capability in MicroPitch.  But you gain "EQ" variations by selecting the different Type models.  Again, minimal pitch shifts, and very small amounts od delay time added.

A subtler approach uses the QuadraVox algorithm.  There is no micro-pitch adjustment, but 4 voices can be spaced out in variable degrees of time.  I'll often use this in conjunction with a pitch shifting algorithm, and change the Delay Group with an expression pedal.  You won't want to go too much over 30-40 ms. for a total delay time.

It's possible to duplicate much of this kind of QuadraVox application in the Resonator or UltraTap algorithms.  I tested out some promising configurations with the Vibrato algorithms (but haven't bought it yet).

One recent surprise is what I've been able to wring out of the Mod Delay algorithm.  I really like the dual LFO modulation out-of-phase selections.  Those have a nice 'lopsided' characteristic that shows real promise for some double-tracking applications.