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LA Keys

It would help if you describe your setup a little more:

– Is there any other devices conected before, after, or in between those 2 ?

– In what order are they?

In any case both could set tempo from a midi clock, but according to p.:32 of the "space" manual and p.: 27 of the "modfactor" manual only the "space" could be used as a clock source.  You will then want to put the "space" before the "modfactor", unless you have something else that could generate the midi clock.

– For the "space" you will then set [MIDICLK OUT]  -> ON. See page 37 of the space manual. (And MIDI Output to XMT)

– For the "modfactor" you will set [MIDICLK] -> ON.  See page 35 of the modfactor manual.

Then you need a single midi cable from the output of the space to the input of the "modfactor".

Note: It is not necessary to connect the stompbox in the same order for midi connection and audio signal. Although the space need to be first midiwise, it could also be connected last regarding the audio signal.