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Best advice:  Take some time, and learn the H9 Max inside & out.  Every algorithm; every system feature; every external connection.  Don't just preset-surf.  Reverse-engineer the presets.  You may be well on your way there already.

Once you have a good handle on the algorithms, and their common (and unrelated) features, you automatically start thinking of ways to combine algorithms (across your Max and Core/Max).  For example, what would harmonized guitars sound like with a massive delayed reverb?  Or a phase shifter and flanger at offset rates?

The best part is that the H9's – with a common core feature set – can be controlled and synchronized as if it were one giant multi-effects pedal.   It can be very close to a modular system setup, whether you use MIDI, expression pedals, aux switches, envelope control & tap tempo, or some combination of each.

I happen to have a PitchFactor upstream, and a Max at the end of the signal chain.  A parallel connection can be just as useful as two Stompboxes in series.  I started a thread with preset examples of two 'Factor pedals in combination.  I never finished it (even the presets I had already uploaded), because there were SO many possibilities.

There are other threads here with multiple H9 examples.  The user 'KCStratman' here often gives examples of four H9s in series.  If you have anything particular in mind, or just need a nudge in the right direction, this forum can be very helpful in that regard.