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LA Keys


I have multiple pedals for years prior to this H9 pedal and this places a whole new meaning of guitar effects bundled into 1 box on my board and this is definetly a learning curve or is it?

Yes there is a learning curve and while I agree totally agree with both brock and KCStratman I would like to add that learning midi and more specifically understanding what the H9 can do with midi will open a world a new possibilities such as:

– Modifying multiple parameters with a single press of a switch or a pedal. Or even better: Modifying multiple parameters on multiples patches on multiples H9 at the same time!

– Allowing you to synchronize multiple H9s when changing preset. Meaning that with a single press they will all change to the presets you've selected for each of them individually.

– And because once one is a MAX all of them have all the presets there's no such thing as struggling about which one need to be the first on the chain.

You will of course need a midi (foot) controller for that. Some are more powerful and complex (and $$$) than others, but I believe that this is the next logical step once you've got yourself a few H9.