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Jumping to this thread from http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/p/9487/45312.aspx#45312

Im having the same issue with a v5 Pitchfactor (older unit). Of interest to Factor users, I reverted back to v3.5 software (I don't use H9 control, but rely on multiple midi controllers). I, able to get better response when adjusting multiple parameters simultaneously with the expression in the older software. The PitchFlex still jumps, though I don't have to move quite as slow. 

Given that I'm not using H9 control and can't say I hear a significant difference in the v5 algorithms' sounds (that was the update I was really hoping for), I might keep 3.5 for now. 

the next workaround will be to send the expression stream through another device that will translate it into the PF expression control. Perhaps that little bit of latency will improve the PitchFlex response. I'll post my results once done.