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Fretless bass emulation is a tough one in the H9.  I have some glide presets for the PitchFlex algo, but the results sound decidedly synthetic.  There's no way around the fret increments when you actually do glide.  .

You can get the characteristic 'softened attack' of a fretless with the UltraTap algorithm.  Set the Mix to 100, and most everything else to 0.  Then start out with the Swell [CHOP] at 5, and the RISE time between 10-30.  Between the PitchFactor [PitchFlex] and the H9 [UltraTap], I can approach a fretless sound.  It's more like a synth trying to fake a fretless.

Let's hear some more about your phase / flange experiments.  I've never gotten an exact emulation, but Mutron-like effects are relatively painless.  Most algorithms with envelope control have similar parameters, so presets are transferrable across phaser, flanger, filters, etc.