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It is deliberate, isn't it?? The lower the bit rate setting (x knob), the more noise you have. A lot of older, "vintage" digital delays are noisy–like my Korg SDD-3000, for instance.


 I don't have any experience with old digital delays except for pedals, which only have the basic parameters, so i suppose it could be deliberate. But it makes the delay unusable below 15 bits.. i mean, i've never heard a recording with a delay that sounds so nastily distorted; there's nothing musical about it. I suppose it could be a special effect, but only if it's set to an extreme setting, so almost a half of the x-knob's range makes a pointless sound (imho), and i don't care for that.

 I love my build your own clone DD-80 which is a very basic 'analog voiced' digital delay, so i assumed that what gave it its sound was that it was cheap and therefore had a low bitrate. So i was hoping a low bitrate on the timefactor would give me the DD-80s sound with a tap tempo!! Therefore, i'm hoping enough others will petition Eventide to change the vintage delay and get rid of that nasty distortion in favor of musical low fidelity.