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? Therefore, i'm hoping enough others will petition Eventide to change the vintage delay and get rid of that nasty distortion in musically low fidelity.

I have been watching the discussion about this topic, and have already known from the Gear Page that I am not alone on this, and it is confirmed here as well. I fear that if the tape delay is not grungified (making up words here!), and that a reasonable analog delay sound is not done, that I might have to add an analog delay to my board. How am I going to explain that to my Timefactor! She is going to be upset with another mistress on my board! 🙂

I have played many "analog voiced/tape voiced" delays that only sound like filtered clean delay. The Timefactor is such a great pedal, that if it had just a good analog sound –in addition to– all of the great pristine digital sounds (which I love also), it would be so satisfying. More pedal players would purchase it as well.