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The Timefactor is such a great pedal, that if it had just a good analog sound –in addition to– all of the great pristine digital sounds (which I love also), it would be so satisfying. More pedal players would purchase it as well.



 Agreed… Harmony Central is my main music forum, and people on the Effects forum are always asking for the delay pedal that does it all. But, none of them do it all, so a lot of people are using a Nova Delay plus an analog or lo-fi digital delay together, or their going for the stereo memory man +hazarai along with some other pedal for ultra clean delays or another pedal that has a bpm display… any two of those pedals could easily cost as much as or more than one TimeFactor, so if Eventide were to have a really nice smeared, analogish delay sound on here, their delay really would do it all and they could have %100 of the market share!! (maybe i'm exaggerating that number a little)

As much as i'd like to see the vintage delay's x-knob go from the current vintage delay sound to an analog or a lo-fi digital delay pedal sound, Eventide has done a great job, and i wonder how realistic it is for them to overhaul an effect like that on a software upgrade… hmm…