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Eventide Staff

Hi Joel,

 I'll have to look through the Factory presets to see if any are setup to do just this, however it may be easier for you to just do this yourself in Factory.

In Factory all you need to do is start with a blank patching grid then follow these instructions:

1. Patch Left Input to Delay 1 input.

2. Patch Delay 1 Output to Left Output.

3. Patch LFO 1 Output to Delay 1 Mod.

4. Click on Delay 1 and set the delay time and the mod amount.

5. Click on the LFO and set the desired waveshape and rate.

If you want to do it in stereo you can either just patch Delay 1 Out to the Right output as well (2 channels w/ no stereo spread) or use a second delay and set the delay time and/or mod amount slightly different from each other for a nice stereo spread.

Let me know if you have any other questions.