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I created this thread to state my big dissapointment on Eventide taking the polymod
out of the modfactor. I'm very disappointed, and it's a real let down(pretty sad about it).

Generally when I think of mod effects I don't think of filter stuff at all(as do most folks I think). Stating the unit would have polymod and encouraging folks to preorder the unit is not a move I suspect Eventide wanted to do, so I hope eventide does something to remedy this for users who wanted what I would call real (mod)ulation effects.

I've decided to not cancel my order rather hastily, but I would encourage Eventide to expand the chorus effects on this unit(more than one chorus like the do the phasers for example). This may already be the case, but I would encourage Eventide to expand on the unit further in their os updates.

As a registered Eclipse user, I'm very supportive and appreciative of eventide as they've been very good to us for eclipse updates(I really appreciate the os updates and listening to the needs of their customers)….and of course for giving us some awesome machines.

I'm staying on board, but I really think it would be a good move to expand the real mod effects for those users who wanted chorus or pitch modulation effects. Surely eventide feels bad about this.