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ok, i've been home playing with the bypass modes, and i don't think the spillover is the fix (which i'm very happy about, since i discovered that true bypass really does benefit my setup… at least i can hear a subtle increase in noise when i flip from Relay to either of the DSP modes)…

 So, here are a few issues: for one thing, i just need to practice looping patterns and hitting the repeat switch at exactly the right time. However, THERE IS STILL A VOLUME GLITCH! a hiccup when the loop restarts. To test this, i put my ebow on the string so that it's playing a constant note. I start recording then stop (i've tried various time spans) and each time the loop restarts, there's a hiccup… so, while pattern playing won't be too affected, playing ambient loops will be. A crossfade could fix this.

 Finally, i think there's an even more serious problem. If i record a short pattern, so that the meter gets to 5bits and then repeats, the first loop plays just fine, but every subsequent loop is shortened. Someone else must have discovered this… i thought i was on the most recent software, but maybe not? Or i might be crazy. This will require more testing and a note in the general bug thread.