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Andy S

Thanks to both of you for the quick reply's……i am using the factory presets when i have this problem.

What i mean by no effect is that the effect is non exsistent and even when turning knobs I dont seem to get any response. If i sweep my expression pedal while having this problem I hear an almost imperceptible sweep of something, like a phaser with the intensity almost off ( hard to explain ). But for the most part it's all dry sound with no " undulating "

It could be related to the sound level i am sending into the unit itself….I am at " the day job " and won't get to experiment till later today with it, but I will experiment tonight. I do recollect thinking it could have been an input sensitivity problem and trying things relative to that ( ie: turning up – trying different settings on the mf itself ) to no avail. I do have an Ernie Ball Volume pedal before the MF and TF….perhaps I didn't have it fully open and this is affecting these particular patches.

Again, oddly i can cure the problem temporarily by unplugging the aux footswitch and plugging it back in. And then I'm able to enjoy these very cool patches.

I'll try some things tonight and post back one way or the other. Thanks !