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I played around with this last night going for flange sounds, and my gosh, there are a variety of excellent flange effects you can get with the timefactor, especially with the mod delay setting.

 There are so many parameters to manipulate! I was blown away that of all the effects processors and such i've owned and played through (though i've never played through the fox rox tzf mind you), the best through zero sounding flanger i've played through is right here on the TimeFactor! I had to spend a bit of time finding the right amount of delay time (it was around 25 ms) and feedback, but then even with that stuff set, you can use the mod depth, filter, and mix to go through all different kinds of delay sounds. Plus, with two delays with independent feedback controls, there's even more sounds you can get.

 My best through-zero sounds came with the x-knob set to the first LFO shape so really got a strong sharp peak. Then (this is my favorite part) i could manipulate the duration of the peak by playing with the effect times. If they were the same, i'd get a short peak, but as they got more and more ms apart, the peaks got longer and longer! Plus, i could use the expression pedal to change the flange speed!

I've got to get some clips of this up!