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I personally find MidiOx find for downloading/uploading patches. I tried SendSx, but preferred MidiOx. I agree thought that a complete bit of software for uploading/downloading patches would be very nice. Here are a few ideas about possible features:

– Save patches from TF 

– Load patches to TF

– System dumps & uploads

– Make a 'playlist' or patches organising them into banks, etc for a complete upload to TF

– A 'database' of patches on your pc so that you can just click and drag, not fumble around finding stuff

– Integrate the update program into this program  

-Work in different OS – i.e. Mac and Linux, even if under Wine. 

The more daring bits:

– An 'audition patch' button, so that when you select a patch, you can here a sample of what it does. You record a little piece, then 'attach' it to the patch

– There was talk of some online patch-sharing area – maybe a repository which links into the software, so that you can download other people's patches that they've upload to the repository, and upload your patches to share. Tie this in with the 'audition' idea and it sounds quite cool.