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Yes, I mentioned hte patch sharring idea and I like your ides for the program. The patch sharring ideas and the dedicated program are things I mentioned straight from having them with other processors in the past. The last one I uses was for the T.C. Electroni G_Major and it was made by a user. This kind of thing should be packaged as part of the product in my opinion. Plus, Eventide has put themself in a perfect postition for showing this off as they already have a USB port on the TF and already press the fact that updates are given via download and the product is meant to stay cutting edge because of this.

These programs are not hard to create with a little dedicated programming time. The few I've used that I liked the best did a few basic thing:

Loaded up/down backups

Allowed changing of patches

Allowed change of the order of patches (This would really be nice with the TF as organizing the ten patches without overwriting any is impossible)

I love your additional ideas! Maybe Eventide is the company to do this…..we'll see.