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Yeah, it's quite often you see DD20 vs DL4 vs Nova vs TF…when infact they are aimed at sligthly different markets (well, maybe not the DL4 and DD20). The Nova doesn't even have dual delays, only stereo. I think the programmable the nature and USB functionality, as you said, needs to be used to the max. I'm sure we're not going to see any software in the near future, considering the work being done on the new firmware (exciting!), but I think it's still important to consider future projects. 

I don't know if it got mentioned before, but I thought of another feature for the software: modifying the system settings and being able to upload them – in essence editing the system patch. This could allow say different setups for different rigs & bands, without having to manually change lots of things. As far as patch editing goes, I'd say that it would be fairly limited given that you really need to be 'on the ground' so to speak to hear what you are changing – something you can't really do in software. I dunno – maybe there are other uses I haven't considered?