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Roobin, you da man.

Yes, the TF and Nova are for different markets in my mind as well:

1) Needs a simpler, smaller, cheaper unit

2) Wants extra features, can afford these features and have the room for it.

The comparisons end there for me though. I had both at the same time and sold the Nova. 

I was looking into what it takes to create software. I not only have exp in programming but have a large group of programers as friends (work in IT center supporting medical software)

So I was kind of interested in what it would take to write a program ourselves…..

Problem is, I know next to nothing about midi and how it works. If I can do enough research to figure out HOW to do it, I have the time and man power to get it done….. just looking at the midi dump I'd have to start by figuring out what each param matches to what settings etc….but it would be nice software to have.

Of course if Eventide wanted to hire it out I could make sure it got done really soon