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Sorry, I meant Eventide! I said TC because I am looking at a couple of software editors that users of the tc g-major wrote in order to get ideas on how to do it. The enterface is easy, having knobs etc to turn and all that pretty stuff. Both of the ones I 've seen were done with java….. It also seems that they write to a file that you then download with a seperate program like midiox, they didn't include that in their stand-along editing app. I think this was because of the the details that can go into the transfer like buffering etc and it was a lot of work when there is already a good application to do that part. So, the editor probably just saves down to a sysex file. I still have not sourced any information on the mapping for what numbers correspond to what withing TF though, so the hard part isn't even touched yet. I'm still interested enough to keep checking on it a bit more tho'