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I was just browsing the MidiOx forums, and one of the admins there wrote a program utilising MidiOx for a drum kit: http://sourceforge.net/projects/trapkat-editor. Also, I came up with yet another feature (I'm also sharing my excitement about somehtign I read in the manual, which you may already knwo of, but I got totally excited by it…blah):

– Since the TF can be used as a midi controller sending CC messages, perhaps some interface to easily assign knobs to the relevent numbers (not sure what they're called). I suppose this comes under my idea earlier of modifying the system settings. Still, it would be another cool thing to shout out about the TF. Similarly with setting CC numbers for knobs to send messages to the TF from your PC or another MIDI input e.g. hooking it up to a digital piano, so that when you press the 'Organ' button, it loads the patch for, say, deep delay. This is just an idea. I think I've come up with too many ideas now! Sorry!