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Sorry for the delayed response – we just had a baby and my wife wouldn't let me leave the hospital to play my guitar 🙂

So I tried the test and on patches 19-1 and 19-2, same result. I got a very clear effect response on the untouched settings. The effect remained active as I scrolled through teh shapes, got fairly weak at triangle and then simply shut off on sine.

Both input and output switches are set to "Level" and I'm using a mono line int and stereo out. George L. cables on each end. When I did the test, my signal chain was as follows:

Fuzz (true bypass, switched off)
Compressor (true bypass, switched off)
Tech 21 Sansamp TriaAC amp/speaker simulator (set to a fender-like low gain amp, clean) (I believe this unit puts out a line level signal)
Planet Waves tuner in bypass (buffered pedal, off)
Ibanez DE-7 (true bypass, off)
Line 6 Verbzilla (buffered pedal, off)
Nova Delay (buffered pedal, off)

Hope that helps. Let me know if you need me to run any more tests. Happy to unplug everything and run the modfactor straight into an amp if that will help.