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 Winblade is a much simpler nice software that does a much simpler function: laying out connections in an I/O matrix. Vsig is an algorithm building software that works at a much higher programming level, requiring the user to know what and how to build things.  It has 3 different types of connections, Audio/Modulation (green), Control (blue), UI (pink). BTW you can create Winblade within a sigfile! I remeber some years ago (DSP4000) creating a pre/post FX, inspired by one of Ken's technotes…..

You can use Vsig UI functions to simplify your synoptical view of an algorithm.

Here's the trick:

once you have ordered (re_ordered) the modules in the way you like, click on the VIEW menu and uncheck Show Control/Misc/Unconnects. Vsig will only show you the audio path of the sigfile.

That should help!